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Manual workRenovation
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Info about the Organisation - general and brief IBO Italia is a non-governmental organization of Christian inspiration, operating in the field of national and international voluntary work. It is member of a network which began its operations in 1953 in northern Europe, with the first work camps serving to rebuild destroyed houses for World War II refugees. In fact, IBO is the Flemish acronym for Internationale Bouworde, which means “International Builder Society”. In Italy since 1957, it was officially established as a Voluntary Association in 1968. In 1972, it was named suitable to work in the field of international cooperation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (IBO was the first NGO in Italy to officially carry out an international cooperation project approved by the MFA). In the same year it united with Volontari nel Mondo – FOCSIV, one of the biggest Italian NGO Federation.
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The objective of the workcamp is to complete the construction of a nature trail made of wooden toys, in order to equip an area of an ancient abandoned farm as a playground for children and adults. We will carry on with the reconstruction of paths and walls that are falling down, of benches and tables to be arranged under the oaks, to offer some relaxing areas for the sharing moments among the guests.We will place in the soil some berries plants, so that the guests that will live in the farm will be able to transform the fruits themselves.Our aim is to create a social farm, that in the future could accomodate a residential community of young people at risk of exclusion, or who feels the need of a social recovery. In the farm, through the rural work experience, they will gradually experience a restoration of their human dignity.Through personalized routes, in a natural environment, they will find reasons to live and hope for a better future.

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General work for the renovation of walls, fences and nature trails. To plant berries.Volunteers will be also involved in preparing meals and cleanings common rooms.

Опис смештаја и исхране:

The community takes care of the volunteers lodging and boarding from monday to friday; during the weekend, volunteers can sleep in the house, coming back in the night not after 10 pm. The volunteers will be involved in preparing the meals and cleaning.

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