XCHANGE project (Erasmus+) continues with the international training for youth leaders

XCHANGE project (Erasmus+) continues with the international training for youth leaders
Modified:27 Mar 18


The international training of workcamp leaders was organized in Serbia (Sremski Karlovci) 6-11 May 2017. It gathered 25 participants from 9 countries and was designed and realized by Alliance certified trainers in non formal education using the network’s standardized methodology.

Workcamps respond to questions, and this training teaches youth leaders how to ask them and how to get the answers to:
• how to manage an international group of volunteers to participate actively following the democratic process,
• how to support world peace,
• how to develop and help others develop valuable life skills,
• how to take concrete initiatives of public interest within local communities.

Objectives of training:
• provide young trainees with information and resources on how to design IVS projects as structured methodological and pedagogical tools: To make participants aware of the meaning behind NFE, its values and approaches; to point out different learning styles, processes and group dynamics and to exercise the stages of designing, facilitating and debriefing in a safe environment; theoretical inputs on volunteerism
• To identify responsibilities, limits and role of a workcamp leader working in highly diverse cultural contexts, but with the same target group and aims,
• To provide pax with a set of specific tools and techniques on how to make it more likely for the ICL to happen in an international volunteer project and how to make a deep and durable effect on local community.
• to inspire the participants to practice inclusion during IVS projects,
• to provide structured space to discuss issues about volunteering and related policies.

The participants learned about and developed:
• communication and conflict management skills, facilitation and leadership skills, environmental awareness
• ability to improve and reflect on their own learning process and their roles as youth leaders
• attitudes towards volunteering and solidarity
• intercultural competences
• improved sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.

The training is organized within the XCHANGE project supported by funds of KA2 under Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission.

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