CURRENTLY ON: International training in non formal education “GREEN VOICE OF YOUTH IN MEDIA”, 19-26 August 2018

CURRENTLY ON: International training in non formal education “GREEN VOICE OF YOUTH IN MEDIA”, 19-26 August 2018
Modified:23 Aug 18

Young Researchers of Serbia this week organise an international training in non formal education “GREEN VOICE OF YOUTH IN MEDIA”  in Belgrade, Serbia.

The training gathers 20 participants from 10 organisations, all members of two international networks: Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations and Youth Environment Europe, including

Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki, Greece
SEEDS – SEE beyond borderS, Iceland
INEX – SDA, Czech Republic
ROTA JOVEM, Portugal
IJGD, Germany

They are youth workers and youth leaders motivated to trigger active participation of young people in their organisations for green promotion and green entrepreneurship.

The aim of the training course is to empower and build capacities of youth and environmental organizations for communicating and promoting sustainability (environmentally responsible consumer behavior) and green innovations in media in a youth friendly way.

This project is supported through Erasmus Plus Programme of the European Union (financed through Tempus Foundation in Serbia)


By adopting the sustainable green living concept and green purchase behaviour in many countries, little focus was put on influence of youth in its dissemination. We recognized that green advertising is a tool to promote an eco-friendly, environmentally responsible behavior among young people. It is also important in promoting green innovations in order to boost future ones as an attempt to minimize the size of our ecological footprint. Combining effectiveness of this tool and listening to the voice of youth, the project idea was created.

The objectives of the training are:

• Transferring knowledge of the basics of sustainable green living concept covering production made with social and environmental concern and its eco-labels

• Raising awareness about the importance of involving young people and how media such as social networks and blogs can be useful

• Sharing tools to disseminate importance of those sustainable parameters via media for youth

• Sharing tools to disseminate green innovations and empower youth in green entrepreneurship

• Building skills of youth workers and youth leaders on how to develop messages that engage targeted audience

• Stimulating sharing of young people’s interests and knowledge connected to environmental issues

• Creating space for exchanging examples of best practices; for networking and exchanging experiences

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