VOLVOX – Stronger involvement of civil society in environmental policy making and monitoring

VOLVOX – Stronger involvement of civil society in environmental policy making and monitoring

Project Partners:

Young Researchers of Serbia (YRS) is project leader while partners are Belgrade Open School (BOS) and Renewables and Environmental Regulatory Institute (RERI)

Year of Realisation:


Goal and Project Description:

Within the two years of project implementation (January 2022- December 2023), the project is directed toward advocating for adoption of key environmental strategic documents and legislative improvements, based on wide public participation, effective monitoring of policy development and implementation and strengthening the preventive mechanisms through environmental impact assessment (EIA), strategic environmental impact assessment (SEA) and monitoring of polluters activities and their alignment with legal obligations.

The project will strengthen the capacities of citizens, grassroots and CSOs for participation in decision making processes related to environmental protection, by fostering open and inclusive participatory policy making processes. It will also increase accountability of public administration in environmental preventive mechanisms transposed through the EU integration process in Serbian legislative and public policy system.

Overall Objective: To streamline the transformative power of EU integration process and the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans into environment and climate change reforms in Serbia

Specific objective: To contribute to creating a competent civil society capable to act as credible partner to public authorities in environmental policy development and to perform effective independent oversight of strategic decision making and investment processes.

Project Activities: 

  • Consultations on the development of key strategic and legislative documents environmental protection and climate change area;
  • Creating knowledge and expertise base for informed public participation processes for citizens, CSOs and grassroots; 
  • Advocacy and communication campaigning for transparent and participative policy development processes;
  • Screening effectiveness of CSO’s impact in participative mechanisms; 
  • Developing and implementing innovative tools for increased citizen participation based on learning-by-doing approach that cultivates cooperation and trust between the government and civil society;
  • Scrutinizing the accountability of public authorities and companies related to the plans and projects with high potential negative environmental impacts;  
  • Developing EIA and SEA case law database;


Project Results:

Strengthened capacities for increased citizens’ participation in a transparent public dialogue on strategic planning and legislative development

Ensured effectiveness of environmental preventive mechanisms and increased accountability of public administration for environmental protection;

Fostered inclusive and informed public participation process in environmental and climate decision making;

Increased capacities of environmental CSOs, grass roots and citizens to take part in participative mechanisms within strategic and legislative decision making processes

Established Environmental Impact Assessment  and Strategic Environmental Assessment (EIA & SEA) quality monitoring hub for independent CSOs oversight of EIA & SEA;

Improved knowledge and capacities of local communities to effectively defend their interests in EIA and SEA procedures


Target Group:

Environmental CSOs, grassroot and activist groups

Project Spacial Area:

Republic of Serbia

Funding Sources:

European Union (ЕUR 150,000.00)