Voluntarism, education, communication

Voluntarism, education, communication

Year of Realisation:


Goal and Project Description:

The aim of the project was to introduce simulative mechanism for public participation in nature conservation in Serbia.

Project Results:

Increased visibility of PA managers and NGOs (media promotion, increased number of contacts in local communities)

– Stimulated communication between different institutions and NGOs in nature protection (number of emails exchanged, improved communication with managers of protected areas)

– Built capacities of stakeholders on public participation in nature protection decision making (over 50 participants in online courses, over 5000 citizens informed by poster)

– Stimulated voluntary actions in protected areas (international voluntary workcamp in Obedka bara, stimulated voluntarism in Djerdap).

– Introduced annual award “The volunteer for nature”.

Target Group:

Protected areas managers, local population in Obedska bara, Djerdap, Uvac, Vlasina i Palic-Ludas.

Project Spacial Area:

Beograde, villages in protected areas Djerdap, Uvac, Vlasina, Palic and Obedska bara.

Funding Sources:

Ministry of energy, development and environment (857.000,00 RSD)