Project Partners:

Belgrade Open School (BOS), Young Researchers of Serbia (YRS), International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), The Nature Conservancy (TNC), American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia (AmCham), EcoNomic Expert Community Association (ENECA)

Year of Realisation:


Goal and Project Description:

Overall Objective: Improved Environmental and Biodiversity Protection in Serbia

Specific objectives:  To improve management capacity of protected areas; to enable sustainable biodiversity financing mechanisms; to increase citizen demand for environmental, biodiversity protection and clean air.

Project Results:
  • Improved capacity of relevant nature protection actors, including protected area Managers;
  • Enhanced transparency of protected areas’ management related information provided to citizens;
  • Secured transfer of best practices of US nature management system in Serbia;
  • Increased commitment of the Government of Serbia to deploy resources for environmental protection;
  • Supported innovations in eco-businesses development initiatives in local communities surrounding PAs;
  • Increased support of private sector and citizens for environmental protection;
  • Increased availability of information and knowledge resources on environmental policies and environmental indicators for citizens;
  • Increased opportunities for citizens’ participation in decision making processes in environmental policy;
  • Increased engagement of CSOs, media and IGOs in environmental protection actions, advocacy and monitoring, including on topics related to air pollution.
Target Group:

Protected Areas actors and managers, environmental CSOs and grassroots, IGOs, government structures, private sector, media, citizens

Project Spacial Area:

Republic of Serbia

Funding Sources:

USAid (USD 5.000,000.00)

Additional Information:

Project Activities:

  • Analysis of Protected Area (PA) management system across Serbia;
  • Design a comprehensive capacity development program for nature protection;
  • Implementing the Guardians of the Nature Capacity Development Program;
  • Running the USA-Serbia Training & Mentorship program for PA managers;
  • Establishing Users’ Councils in Protected Areas;
  • Analysis of the regulatory framework and structure of PAs revenues;
  • Advocacy campaigns for improved system of environmental charges, advocacy toward the executive branch as well as strategic advocacy to legislative branch and strengthening work of the Green Chair mechanism within National Parliament;
  • Implementation of “Hired by Nature” support program for small eco-friendly businesses;
  • Mobilizing private sector for environmental protection;
  • Learn, Mobilize, Participate Program for CSOs, Media and Citizens;
  • Public policy monitoring and reporting on national level.