The Return of The Ibis  2018

The Return of The Ibis 2018

Project Partners:

NGO Zeleni Pogled

Year of Realisation:


Goal and Project Description:

The aim of the project is to improve biodiversity protection in the special nature reserve Obedska bara through fostering cooperation between PA manager and CSOs on the implementation of the active conservation measures.

Project Results:

Expected project results are:

1. Improved conditions for the return of birds in Obedska bara.

2. Increased interest of youth for the voluntarism in the protected areas.

3. Better infrastructure for tourism in Obedska bara.

4. Enhances cooperation between institutions, NGOs and PA manager on the implementation of the active measures in the Obedska bara. 

Target Group:

Youth– volunteers from Serbia and from abroad. Manager of SNR Obedska bara – Public company Vojvodinasume. The local population in the villages of Kupinovo, Obrez and Asanja.

Project Spacial Area:

Obedska bara

Funding Sources:

Ministry of the Environmental Protection of The Republic of Serbia (1.000 000,00 RSD)