The green steps

The green steps

Project Partners:

Pokret gorana Vojvodine

Connecting people


Drustvo mladih istrazivada Bor


Grupa Kobra

Year of Realisation:


Goal and Project Description:

The project “Green Steps” aimed to increase the use of bicycles, public transport and walking in the selected cities as well to promote public participation in the environmental decision making.

Project Results:

Project results are:

– Improved infrastructure for the use of bikes and walking in selected cities: repaired or constructed 5 bike holders in elementary schools, repaired bicycle practicing fields, repaired old bicycles in Pancevo, colored indicative marks on bike routes in Sremski Karlovci.

– Improved conditions for the involvement of volunteers in environmental actions in selected cities (organized voluntary actions in 8 cities with over 300 participants).

– Increased information share with citizens on sustainable urban mobility and environmental protection: organized 8 promotional street actions during European Mobility Week, distributed over 2000 leaflets, over 500 likes on Facebook, 5 media reports on events.

– Promoted use of bicycles and walking as an environmentally friendly way of moving in the cities: 20 workshops in elementary schools, over 650 pupils participated in the workshops.

– Car Free Day celebrated in selected cities with a participation of over 5000 citizens.

– Improved cooperation of different stakeholders on promotion and planning sustainable urban mobility. A number of cooperations developed.

Target Group:

Citizens in selected cities

Project Spacial Area:

The project was realised in Belgrade, Pancevo, Novi Sad – Sremski Karlovci, Kragujevac, Bor, Loznica, Nis, Raska and Novi Pazar.

Funding Sources:

Ministry of the constriction, transport and infrastructure (1.200.000,00 RSD)