Supporting implementation of Arhus Convention in Belgrade

Supporting implementation of Arhus Convention in Belgrade

Year of Realisation:


Goal and Project Description:

The mission of the Arhus center New Belgrade is to strengthen implementation of the Arhus Convention in the city of Belgrade.

Project Results:

The activities realized in the period 2016-2017 were focusing on the strengthening implementation of the 3rd pillar of Arhus Convention. Activities are always stimulating involvement of youth and cooperation with citizens on the environmental protection.

Some of the main activities were:

          Roundtable event “How to get involved?” organized with key stakeholders in Belgrade.

          Workshops for the activist group of YRS – ACNB.

          Participation in the high-level ministerial meeting of Arhus Convention (Budva, Montenegro, September 2017).

          Developed online application on the Arhus center New Belgrade website for citizens’ complaints.

          The brochure “Green decisions in your hands” prepared and distributed with the aim to give to the citizens practical handbook on access to environmental information and participation in the environmental decision making.

          Seminar on Arhus Convention organized in Novi Sad.

          Meeting “Cooperation among CSOs on access to justice in environmental matters”.

          Roundtable event “ CSOs and 3rd pillar of the Arhus Convention” organized in Belgrade.

          Consultation on the National Strategy for Communication of Climate Change organized in Belgrade.

Target Group:

citizens of the city of Belgrade, local environmental authorities

Project Spacial Area:


Funding Sources:

OSCE Mission to Serbia (over 5.000,00 EUR)

Additional Information: