SECO environment and climate change

SECO environment and climate change

Project Partners:

Udruženje "Inženjeri zaštite životne sredine"


Udruženje za zaštitu i razvoj okruženja i graditeljskog nasleđa “Protego”

CEKOR - Centar za ekologiju i održivi razvoj

Year of Realisation:


Goal and Project Description:

According to the defined mandate of the SECO Mechanism in the process of multi-annual planning and establishment of priorities, CSO are included in consultations during the preparation and revision of national planning and programming strategic documents relating to planning of international development assistance, as well as consultations relating to Draft EC Strategy Paper for Serbia, as well as EC Multi-Beneficiary Strategy Paper.

Project Results:

From 2014 till 2017 the coordinators and members of SECO environment and climate change have participated in over 20 meetings, training, conferences; gathered and communicated to the decision makers positions of CSOs on plans and documents in the environment and climate change sector; promoted work of SECO environment and climate change; held meetings with a representatives of institutions for discussion CSO inputs.

In SECO environment and climate change are involved organizations which are focusing on horizontal legislation, air, waters, waste, chemicals, nature protection, climate change, noise and civil protection.

This SECO group cooperates also with another SECO groups – related to the energy, agriculture, and transport.

Target Group:

CSO and institutions

Project Spacial Area:

Republic of Serbia

Funding Sources:

TACSO and other sources (over 400.000,00 RSD)

Additional Information:

website SECO mechanism