Preparation of Serbian Public for Participation in Water Protection

Preparation of Serbian Public for Participation in Water Protection

Year of Realisation:


Goal and Project Description:

The project goal was: assist Serbia in developing capacities for implementation of EU water-related acquis, through:

  • transfer of experiences and knowledge from EU member states with the support of EU experienced colleagues and partners (WWF-DCP);
  • raising the capacity of Serbian environmental NGOs and governmental organizations in stakeholder communication in order to prepare the country for the EU accession process.

Project objectives:

  • Build the capacities of environmental NGOs in Serbia to understand innovative EU environmental policies to protect natural resources;
  • Strengthen cooperation among environmental NGOs in Serbia for future monitoring of water policy implementation through networking;
  • Set preconditions for establishing a platform for cooperation among all stakeholders in water management;
  • Share lessons learned and best practices with organizations from the EU.
Project Results:
  • Implemented 17 groups of activities;
  • gathered 81 stakeholders in 2 meetings in Belgrade and Novi Sad, which helped in needs assessment on water policy issue in Serbia and initiation of the working group for water;
  • trained 10 representatives of environmental NGOs in Serbia as multipliers among interested stakeholders for water protection;
  • prepared and published 2 publications “Tips and Tricks” for Water Framework Directive Implementation and Short manual for WFD and E-toolbox with useful informational and educational materials on topic;
  • realized workshops in 9 cities where we’ve gathered 171 representatives of interested stakeholders, mostly environmental NGOs, local administration and media;
  • made a new partnership with local organizations, organized working group meetings, a follow-up meeting with stakeholders where we’ve started developing a plan for networking;
  • achieved a good relationship with many institutions and authorities necessary for future partnership in the implementation of water legislation and water protection actions.

The following outputs have been produced:

  1. Public awareness about the importance of preservation and sustainable use of water resources, in general, has increased;
  2. Partnerships and cooperation between civil society organizations and governments at national and regional level (in Autonomous province of Vojvodina) in the field of water management and nature conservation level are improved;
  3. The concept of public participation in water protection and EU water-related acquis is promoted;
  4. Capacities and knowledge of water management, nature conservation and sustainable development have increased.
Target Group:

Environmental NGOs in Serbia, EU environmental organization - WWF, local and national Governments and institutions in Serbia. Another 400 members/representatives from environmental sector interested in water protection: NGOs, local government, media and other institutions have had benefit through information exchange and gained new knowledge regarding project topic.

Project Spacial Area:

Almost all of the activities took place in the Republic of Serbia, but some preparation activities were realized in Austria.

Funding Sources:

EU, European Commission, CRIS No: 2010/243-325 (EUR 84.359,97)

Additional Information:

The project was realized in the period June 2010 – June 2011.

Associated partners: Secretariat for Environmental Protection of the City of Belgrade, Provincial Secretariat for Environmental Protection and sustainable development of the AP Vojvodina and Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities.

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