Partnership actions for biodiversity protection in Western Balkan

Partnership actions for biodiversity protection in Western Balkan

Project Partners:
Year of Realisation:


Goal and Project Description:

The overall object of the project was to contribute to the protection of biodiversity and natural resources in Montenegro and Serbia by promoting and supporting the implementation of key EU conservation policy (Natura 2000).

Project Results:

Results of the project:

Project teams have been trained on networking; networking skills transferred to 50 members of two networks in Serbia and Montenegro;

At least 20 networks members trained on environmental policies and communication; Advocacy skills of 10 network members improved;

At least 4 consultation meetings hold;

15 small local NGO’ projects implemented;

NGO network NATURA 2000 Resource Center in Serbia and Green Resource Center in Montenegro had developed at least 5 project within networks;

NGO network members participated in at least 10 decision making processes related to Natura 2000;

Governmental institutions recognize networks as a partners;

Established communication among Natura 2000 resource Center in Serbia, Green resource Center in Montenegro, similar NGO networks in Croatia and Albania;

20 NGOs from Serbia and Montenegro improved knowledge about Natura 2000.

Target Group:

NGOs from Serbia and from Montenegro

Project Spacial Area:

Republic of Serbia and Republic of Montenegro

Additional Information:

Project was implemented from 2009. till 2011.