Oplaneti se! Recycle

Oplaneti se! Recycle

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Year of Realisation:


Goal and Project Description:

National campaign „Oplaneti se! Recikliraj“  was organized in order to stimulate and promote waste separation and recycling in Serbia.

Project Results:

Non-formal NGO network “Green list of Serbia” has conducted a national campaign on waste separation and recycling in 2010. Main achievements were:

– 12 local actions where citizens collected and separated waste.

– research on waste composition in 12 local communities, with a participation of 195 families. The results were analyzed and published.

– promo-educational event was organized on the occasion of the World Environmental Day-  5th of June in Belgrade. During the event over 25 workshops were organized with a participation of more than 1000 citizens, mostly kids and youth.

– eco bike caravan was organized as a final activity of the national campaign. 30 activities of the Green List of Serbia have passed over 600km, visiting 11 local communities and promoting recycling.

– over 40 local and national media reported about Oplaneti se! Recycle campaign.

Target Group:

citizens in 13 communities, waste management decision makers

Project Spacial Area:

Kruševac, Raška, Žagubica, Niš, Aleksinac, Valjevo, Vučje, Vranje, Trstenik, Knjaževac i Gornji Milanovac

Funding Sources:

Institute for Sustainable Communities, USAID (30.995,00 USD)

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