Mirroring Arhus Convention

Mirroring Arhus Convention

Year of Realisation:


Goal and Project Description:

The aim of the project was: to support the implementation of the Arhus Convention through raising public awareness and constructive dialogue of stakeholders.

Project Results:

The project resulted in:

– Improved dialogue of stakeholders on Arhus Convention implementation in Serbia (organized national conference with over 70 participants, joint activities planned).

– Citizens of Belgrade are more informed and interested in environmental issues (over 10 calls to Arhus center for reporting environmental problems, 500 + visits to internet presentation of Arhus center New Belgrade, 2000+ citizens directly informed about Arhus Convention during street actions).

– Promoted work of the Arhus center New Belgrade during AC annual meeting held in Vienna in November 2016.

– Increased involvement of youth in activities – over 20 young people active in the activist group of YRS.

Target Group:

Target groups of the project were: citizens of Belgrade (10 000+ citizens, mostly adults); representatives of institutions and CSOs – stakeholders in Arhus Convention implementation; youth (20 activities of Arhus center New Belgrade, students of law, biology and ecology)

Project Spacial Area:


Funding Sources:

Ministry of agriculture and environmental protection (570.000,00 RSD)

Additional Information:

website of Arhus center New Belgrade