Institutional grant under CSOnnect programme

Institutional grant under CSOnnect programme

Project Partners:


Arhus center Novi Sad

Center of modern skills

GM Optimist

Grupa Kobre

Year of Realisation:


Goal and Project Description:

The institutional grant shall be used for activities related to negotiation for the Chapter 27 in Serbia’ EU integration process. Focus shall be on:

– more efficient advocacy of transposition and implementation of Directives in relation to horizontal legislation, nature protection and waters.

– bigger and organized participation of CSOs in decision making processes for Chapter 27 (capacity building of CSOs, strengthening existing networks and initiatives, gathering new members etc.).

– dialogue of different stakeholders on reforms that implementation of EU acquis brings (planning infrastructural environmental projects, an adaptation of policy documents, financing).

– increasing visibility of YRS and partner organizations in public, growing citizens’ support to YRS’ work (campaign to promote work of YRS and other CSOs on Chapter 27).

Project Results:

– set long-term learning environment for targeted topics (horizontal legislation, nature protection, public participation)

– efficient cooperation and dialogue between CSOs and institutions related to EU negotiation Chapter 27

– developed a mechanism for monitoring implementation  of targeted EU Directives in Serbia

– CSO’ advocacy activities supported by citizens

Target Group:

CSOs, local authorities and national institutions

Project Spacial Area:

Republic of Serbia

Funding Sources:

REC office in Serbia thought CSOnnect programme, supported by SIDA (48 000 EUR)

Additional Information:

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