ImProve your Impact

ImProve your Impact

Project Partners:

Voluntariat Institute, Inex-SDA and Young Researchers of Serbia

Year of Realisation:


Goal and Project Description:

Project aims to contribute to measuring the impact and acknowledging the impact of volunteer / youth activities on youth capacity development.

Implementation period is 1.6.2020-31.5.2022

Project Results:

Expected results are:

-Voluntary and other national and international youth organizations use the Im-prove application for measuring competencies among users and for measuring the effects their activities have on participants / volunteers;

IM-PROVE application is used not only to measure the competencies, but also to collect important data needed to improve the work of organizations, advocacy and fundraising;

-The application is more attractive and interesting to young people;

-The number of application users who are aware of the effect of reflection on acquired competencies on their personal and business development increases by at least 100%;

-National and international stakeholders are aware of the effect of reflection on the acquired competencies of young people on their personal and business development. They are also aware of the effect of Im-prove application on this development;

-Increased network of multipliers (individuals and organizations) that promote the use of research, e-manual and application;

– The application will be more recognized as a tool for measuring the effects of voluntary work on young people by employers.


Target Group:

Main target group: NGOs, public educational institutions, companies, youth organizations, volunteers and other young people.

Project Spacial Area:

Slovenia, Serbia, Czech Republic

Funding Sources: