Citizens’ ideas for the BeoGrad – Right to WhiteCity!

Citizens’ ideas for the BeoGrad – Right to WhiteCity!

Year of Realisation:


Goal and Project Description:

The project “Citizens’ Ideas for the BeoGrad” (01/07 /2010-30/11/2010) was designed as one part of 5 groups of activities. Other activities belonged to the project entitled “Right to WhiteCity”, which was supported through the SECTOR 2 Program of the Regional Environmental Center.

The general goal of the “Citizens’ Ideas for BeoGrad” project was to: create preconditions for systematic dealing with solving the problem of traffic impacts on the quality of the environment in Belgrade, by linking citizens, civil society and institutions with decision-makers and making a cross-section of the situation on needs and possible solutions.

The specific objectives were:

  • Establish cross-sectoral cooperation between stakeholders in transport and environment issues;
  • Increase understanding of the concept of sustainable transport through education and public campaign;
  • Raise public awareness and awareness of the impact of urban transport on climate change (awareness of the need to reduce CO2 emissions);
  • Strengthen the roles and position of civil society organizations dealing with the environment in the urban planning and transport sector.
  • Promote the advantage of public transport, hiking and bicycles (promoting a sustainable lifestyle among Belgrade’s citizens);
  • Increase citizens’ participation in decision-making related primarily to the quality of life and healthy life in their city.
Project Results:

The direct results of the project are:

  1. Multisectoral and multidisciplinary workgroup formed
  2. Organized National Conference “Sustainable Transport – Improving the Quality of Environment
  3. Educational-promotional campaign conducted
  4. A research was conducted on the needs of citizens in relation to problems and possible solutions to the development of sustainable transport in Belgrade.
  5. A comparative analysis of the transport policies of cities in Europe has been made.
Target Group:

Citizens of the City of Belgrade

Project Spacial Area:

City of Belgrade, Municipalities of Stari Grad and Novi Beograd

Funding Sources:

Administration of the City of Belgrade, Secretariat for Environmental Protection (RSD 250.000 )

Additional Information:

Research overview.

An overview of the analysis.

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