Green Incubator

Green Incubator

Project Partners:

Belgrade Open School is a project leader. Partners are Young Researchers of Serbia and Environmental Engineering Group

Year of Realisation:


Goal and Project Description:

The project will last until december 2022. The projects main efforts are directed at building up capacities and increasing effectiveness of civil society actors to support and participate in EU integration process.

Green Incubator project consists of following Activities: Green PowerUp (Design and implementation of capacity building trainings for CSOs; Implementation of grant support for CSOs; Development and implementation of flexible support scheme for IGOs on a rolling basis). Establishing Coalition 27 Resource Hub (Green Accession Monitor; Improving CSOs’ monitoring practices of environmental policy implementation; Developing and publishing Green Cards of local authorities within Coalition 27 website; Publishing Shadow reports by Coalition 27 and local CSOs; Green Talks – organizing themed multi-stakeholder discussions around results of Green Accession Monitor). Green Economy G(Research and findings’ presentation on the potentials for socio-economic development of local communities).

Project Results:

At least 100 CSOs and IGOs empowered to work on, advocate and communicate implementation of EU environmental standards and benefits in local contexts; Addressed environmental issues and opportunities in at least 40 local communities through engagement of citizens and multi-stakeholder participation; Enhanced transparency and availability of environmental information on a local and national level; Supported CSOs-government dialogue on identified challenges and opportunities in environmental protection and local development; Produced and promoted evidence based policy recommendations for development of circular economy on the local level.

Target Group:

CSOs and informal groups

Project Spacial Area:

Republic of Serbia

Funding Sources:

European Union ()