Year of Realisation:


Goal and Project Description:

The main objective of „BUILDPEACE – Building peacebuilders through integrated formal and non-formal learning approaches“ is to enable innovative new approaches to developing peacebuilders by:

1) creating a common a framework of key competencies across the FE and NFE sectors;

2) helping learners find navigable and flexible pathways for accessing relevant learning opportunities;

3) blending FE and NFE learning approaches for more comprehensive provision, making use of technology.


To do this we will bring together European partners with experience in improving the learning outcomes of peacebuilders. Our activities will help us better understand the current state education provision within the peacebuilding field and develop innovative ways to improve learning outcomes using new methodologies and technologies. This will inform the creation of a range of tools for learners and learning providers to use, including free online courses, a handbook, a toolkit and a matrix of the competencies that people need to acquire to work in the field. Tools for policymakers include a mapping report and a policy recommendations report.


Project Results:

The results of the project will be an improvement in the educational provision available to people working on peace and conflict issues. Learners will have access to comprehensive, rigorously tested resources such as online courses and advice on the competencies and skills they need to develop. Learning providers will have access to resources so that teachers and trainers can improve their own skills, especially by using new methods and making use of technology. The partners involved will have formed a lasting network that involves different forms of learning providers, and their current and future projects will benefit from the BUILDPEACE approach. And finally, policymakers will have information on the current challenges in peacebuilding education, an expanded evidence-based of what works and how, and reflections on how to encourage forms of education that bring together formal and non-formal approaches to learning and make use of technology.

Target Group:

Based on average completion rates for MOOCs, as well as estimates of the amount of people benefiting from other project resources and activities, we anticipate that approximately 32,600 people will indirectly benefit from the BUILDPEACE project.

Project Spacial Area:

United Kingdom, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey and Serbia

Funding Sources:

Erasmus plus (European Commission 2014-2020), NA Great Britain (Erasmus+, KA 2: Strategic partnership). (€ 239,535 total grant (YRS € 27,905).)

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