Sustainable tourism for rural development

Sustainable tourism for rural development

Year of Realisation:


Goal and Project Description:

The objectives of the studies were to explore the status of environment as a crucial asset for the development of sustainable rural tourism, review the status of resource use and management practices, and identify challenges and opportunities for sustainable rural tourism management and initiatives.

Project Results:

Four Regional environmental Studies – YRS composed a study for each of the JP targeted regions. The regions were South Banat, Donje Podunavlje, East Serbia and Central Serbia.

Four consultations/workshops in targeted regions for 20 local stakeholders per workshop from private/tourism sector, civil society including environmental groups, local authorities, etc were organized.

Recommendations for the interventions, proposals, and plans on environmentally sustainable (tourism) projects were done.

One synthesis report of 4 Regional Environmental Studies published. The report was published in Serbian and English.

Target Group:

Institutions, organizations and individuals working on sustainable tourism and environmental protection

Project Spacial Area:

South Banat, Donje Podunavlje, East Serbia and Central Serbia

Funding Sources:

UNEP (25.000,00 USD)

Additional Information: