All interested for sustainability of protected areas- Include, Integrate and Intensify

All interested for sustainability of protected areas- Include, Integrate and Intensify

Project Partners:

Eco center

CINA - Center for innovative activities

Year of Realisation:


Goal and Project Description:

The Project “All for sustainability of protected areas – Include, Integrate and Intensify” was focusing on solving the problem of weak or/and lack of participation of stakeholders in decision-making process connected with nature protected areas and water areas.

Project Results:

Main results:

– 10 meetings with protected areas managers and stakeholders were organized and resulted in better communication, plans for specific areas, plans for joint actions etc.

– the number of capacity building tools and materials, among them online courses, brochures on best practices in public participation in nature protection, research on gender and nature protection issue etc.

– documentary movie on public participation, nature values, cooperation and challenges that EU integration brings was prepared and broadcasted on Serbian national TV (RTS).

– cooperation between civil society organizations and Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental protection was improved, consultation on changes and adaptation on Law on the environment, Law on nature protection, Law on waste management were organized with more than 100 organizations involved.

– strengthened volunteerism in protected area Obedska bara during international workcamp “The return of the Ibis” and work with the local community.

Target Group:

Protected areas managers, local citizens, NGOs and local authorities

Project Spacial Area:

NP Đerdap, SRP Uvac, SRP Ludaško jezero, SRP Obedska bara, PIO Veliko ratno ostrvo i PIO Vlasina.

Funding Sources:

Regional environmental Center, through SENSE supported by SIDA (64.803,00 EUR)