3ZA – All interested in sustainability of protected areas

3ZA – All interested in sustainability of protected areas

Project Partners:

Eco center

CINA - Center for innovative activities

Year of Realisation:


Goal and Project Description:

The aim of the project was to set good governance of protected areas, based on rule of law, public participation, gender equity and constructive dialogue, as a standard in Serbia’ protected areas till 2020.

Project Results:

Through the dialogue of key actors in nature protection in Serbia, including sectors of agriculture, hunting, and fishing, the project resulted in:

– established national forum of key stakeholders,

– developed consultation mechanism between protected areas managers and local population on laws plans and programmes in protected areas,

– promoted a model for involving the local population in voluntary actions in protected areas,

– the promotional and educational material on public participation in nature protection (Tv serial, postcards, brochures, online courses),

– group of 25 experts from institutions and NGOs advocating for nature protection.

Target Group:

NGO, local population and protected areas managers

Project Spacial Area:

Djerdap, Uvac, Palic-Ludas

Funding Sources:

REC office in Serbia, through SENSE programme, supported by SIDA (62.825,00 EUR)