Partnership and networking

At the national level YRS is a member of:

Natura 2000 Resource center of Serbia: the network established at the beginning of 2009 with the aim to gather NGOs dealing with biodiversity, nature protection and management of protected areas and join their work on Natura 2000 implementation in Serbia.  Now Network has 57 members from all regions in Serbia. The network does not have official status but have defined rules, procedures, planned activities and shared responsibilities.Secretariat of the Network is in Young Researchers of Serbia – initiators of this Network.

Coalition 27 was established in 2014 by civil society organizations specifically for the purpose of monitoring and contributing to negotiations in Chapter 27. Members of Coalition 27 are Belgrade Open School, Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia, Centre for Ecology and Sustainable Development, Climate Action Network Europe, Environment Improvement Centre, GM Optimist, Environmental Engineering Group, One Degree Serbia, Young Researchers of Serbia, World Organization for Nature (WWF) and Safer Chemicals Alternative.

SECO environment and climate change: created for the purpose of programming and monitoring the use of international development assistance, focusing on the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance. YRS is coordinating environment and climate change group.

Green Chair network gathers over 50 CSOs from Serbia. The purpose of the network and this mechanism is to facilitate the continuous and coordinated involvement of civil society representatives in the work of Environmental Protection Committee of the National Assembly. The mechanism was established in 2013. It enables the presence or participation of citizens’ representatives and citizens’ associations at the Committee meetings and other activities (e.g. public hearings).  Belgrade Fond for Political Excellence, Center of Modern Skills and Young Researchers of Serbia are coordinating this network.

The network of Arhus centers in Serbia: The Aarhus Centres of Serbia focus on building and facilitating participatory local governance processes and on promoting dialogue on environmental issues. The network gathers 5 Arhus centers. One of them, Arhus center New Belgrade, is based in YRS.

At the international level YRS is a member of YEE – Youth and Environment Europe, CEEweb for Biodiversity – Central and East European Working Group for the Enhancement of Biodiversity, SEENET – South East Europe Network for Energy and Transport and BioNET – Regional Network of Biodiversity-Related Civil Society Organisations.