Biodiversity and nature protection

Main YRS activities on biodiversity conservation and nature protection are:
– Capacity building for NGO, local authorities and the interested public on public participation in nature protection processes. Most frequent educational programmes are on NATURA 2000 and EU acquis, public participation in nature protection, ecosystem services, women and nature protection etc.
– Work in protected areas: organization of international voluntary workcamps. One of the most famous and long-lasting is a project „The return of the Ibis“ in the Special nature reserve Obedska bara.
– Participation in the implementation of Multilateral Environmental Agreements (Rasmar Convention, Carpathian Convention, CITES, CBD etc)
– Raising public awareness on nature protection and importance of biodiversity conservation (campaigns, education for kids and youth).
– Monitoring nature protection policy in Serbia and region (advocacy activities on improvement of strategic documents, laws and bylaws, monitoring implementation of laws etc.)