Promotion – Chapter 27 in Serbia: No-Progress Report

Promotion – Chapter 27 in Serbia: No-Progress Report
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Botanical garden Jevremovac, Belgrade

The report Chapter 27 in Serbia: No-Progress Report is the fifth annual Report of Coalition 27, following the publication of the annual report of the European Commission. Given that there was a change in the dynamics of the European Commission reporting, Coalition 27 published a report in 2017 in a shorter form. The No-Progress Report deals with topics from the period covered by the previous report in more details, with the addition of new developments which took place until late February 2018.

Coalition 27 was established by civil society organizations in 2014 primarily to monitor and contribute to the negotiations in Chapter 27. The report was prepared by eleven member organisations of Coalition 27: Belgrade Open School, The Bird Study and Protection Society of Serbia, Centre for Ecology and Sustainable Development, Climate Action Network Europe, Environment Engineering Group, Environment Improvement Centre, GM Optimist, One Degree Serbia, Safer Chemicals Alternative, Young Researchers of Serbia and the World Organization for Nature (WWF).

The Report is available in PUBLICATION section on this website.

Modified: 16 May 18