Danube Art Master – competition

Danube Art Master – competition
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Anywhere in the Danube basin

We invite interested pupils aged 6 to 18 years to participate in this year’s Danube Art Master competition with the topic – Get active for a healthier Danube!

Here is in short what’s new for DAM 2018:

Because of the video subcategory success in 2017, there are going to be two categories in 2018: artwork and a short video. Both should reflect this year’s Danube Day theme “Get active for a healthier Danube!”. We will be selecting the artworks and videos at the national level and will send to the main organizer only the top 10 artworks and top 10 videos. Only first place national winner in both categories – artwork and video will compete in the international round.

At the international level, the national winners’ artworks and videos will be judged by an international jury.

There will be also a special prize though for the Most Liked artwork and video on Danube Art Master’s official Facebook page, which can be chosen from all 10 artworks and videos sent by the national organisers. Only the artworks and videos submitted officially by national organizers can compete for the Most Liked prize.

HERE is detailed Sheet about Danube Art Master competition 2018.

Modified: 03 May 18