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2007-FR-14 | Solidarités jeunesses - Poitou-Charentes
Accreditation    Host organisation
Approval Date    16/08/2007 (datum kada je organizacija postala akreditovana da aplicira Evropskoj komisiji)
Validity Date    15/08/2010  (period akreditacije traje 3 godine)
Location    Montendre (France)
Theme 1    Art and culture
Theme 2    Urban/Rural development
Inclusion    Cultural differences, Disability, Economic difficulties, Educational difficulties, Health problems, Other, Social difficulties
Project environment
Project environment: profile of the organisation and local community
The city of Montendre is 3600 inhabitants in a rural area. There is a train station connecting the city to Bordeaux which is one hour away, and La Rochelle. Montendre is 550 km away from Paris. Montendre has got a weekly market, some shops, a library and some sportive and cultural activities. There is a strong will of developing contacts with the local population.
Solidarités Jeunesses Poitou-Charentes tries to establish peace among people promoting voluntary work and intercultural meetings. The activities we organise with the volunteers are mainly workcamp activities, like, renovation, basketry, gardening, painting and activities of local development as well as cultural activities. These activities are organised for three weeks mainly in our hosting centre "La Maison des Bateleurs " , in Montendre and in little villages among the region.
Typical week:
Monday to Friday
7h30-8h00 breakfast
8h00-8h30 collective cleaning
8h30-12h30 (with a break at 10h30) workcamp/ or other activities
12h30-15h00 lunch and cleaning
15h00-18h00 different activities (manual, artistic workshops etc...)
19h00-20h00 dinner
On Saturdays and Sundays there is usually time to discover the area, the french culture, to host groups or cultural events.
The rythm of the workcamp includes the apprenticeship of technical skill (renovation), leadership, and creative skills (initiation of cultural projects, organisation of photo exhibitions, participation to local events) and the maintenance of the biotope. These activities are 60% of the volunteer's work.
In the afternoon, volunteers can participate in various activities, for example the participation in local associations of Montendre, to have workshops with students, for maintenance of tools... These are 40% of the volunteer's work.
The decision which free time activities is made between the different persons leaving in the house. Besides the project there is enough time for the volunteer to realise his own project which can be integrated in the collective context.
The project " La maison des bateleurs" co-operates a lot with the local associations in whose projects volunteers take part in (Ex : the European week with the city of Montendre, the "telethon", a music festival) etc.
Our wish is to host a heterogeneous group of volunteers of at least 8 people, some of them are young people with less opportunities. They are part of the group like all the volunteers and share the same tasks and responsibilities. The project in " la maison des bateleurs" is an opportunity for the volunteers to experience collective life, to live with persons they would never meet in their own context and to learn participation in a democracy. 
For the moment, there are 5 permanent employees in la Maison des Bateleurs : a workcamp co-ordinator, a hosting and administrative supervisor, a technical responsible, an environmental project co-ordinator and a regional delegate co-ordinating all the activities. An administrative comity decides orientations and projects for the organisation.
The organisation hosts volunteers since his creation in 1993. The volunteer are a "plus" for the local collectivity and permanent staff help volunteers to get well integrated in the group, to be active citizens and get informal education skills in order to be more responsible and take initiatives that will be helpful for them in their future social and professional lives.
A weekly evaluation is organised within the group to discuss about the project, and collective decisions are taken for the house. There are times for training, discussion, analysis of motivations, the objectives of the activities and results. Individual evaluations are organised as many times as needed.
The volunteers share big rooms of 4 or 5 people. They can organise it as they like respecting the rules of the house.
- the house is cigarette free
- to drink alcohol is a social practice and has to be shared with everybody : abuses are forbidden
- All type of drugs are forbidden in the centre
for collective life :
- To respect kitchen and cleaning tasks
- To be on time for work, meetings and activities.
- To accomplish the tasks following the responsibilities 
- To keep yourself and your room clean to avoid annoying the others
- To respect the intimacy of the others
- cars are lended for the use of 4 people 
- internet and telephone : are run by the volunteers
- washing machine at volunteer's disposal
- the loan of other material is at everyone's disposal if they respect it.
The result of a non respect of these rules can be the exclusion of the volunteer.
Proposed activities for international volunteers
The main motivation of hosting international volunteers for the organisation is the mutual enrichment of intercultural exchanges during a concrete work and in collective life.
The volunteers hosted in la "Maison des bateleurs" can participate to training and seminars organised by Solidarités Jeunesses and the partner organisations. The volunteer supports the organisation with his ideas, cultural background, initiatives and motivation. There are many learning opportunities for the volunteers, for example :
the apprenticeship of manual and technical skills (masonry, woodwork, carpentry, gardening, the work in a pedagogical garden etc..)
to learn how to manage projects with children and teenagers. The volunteers can organise and manage theses activities with the support of the permanent staff.
To organise activities for groups of children and young people with less opportunities (disabled people, with difficult social and economical background etc) 
To learn french and other languages. Volunteers can organise workshops in order to "exchange knowledge".
The apprenticeship of how to run an hosting centre. To evaluate and organise meals for more than 20 people, the logistical skills in order to organise activities for the hosted groups etc..
To learn how to organise entertainment activities
Each volunteer will take part of the activities he prefers after discussion with the permanent employees and the other volunteers in order to share the tasks.
In almost every activity, sense of responsibility and some autonomy is needed, however, the volunteer is asked to share his feelings, thoughts and will be helped by the employees.
The activities in which the volunteers could be involved are for example :
going to schools to organise intercultural workshops
to work on the pedagogical garden
to work on the renovation of the house 
to participate in an international workcamp in the villages around la Maison des Bateleurs
to participate and co-organise the activities for the groups of young people hosted for a short period in La Maison des Bateleurs
To work with the council of Montendre for the festivals, exhibitions or other activities 
Volunteering in la Maison des Bateleurs is a step on the road of a person and is the occasion to discover different activities and time to develop a personal project or a new activity never done before (use of a musical instrument, sculpture, to learn a new language). The initiatives of the volunteers for the project are really welcome and they will have support from the employees.
Every volunteer founds his place and role within the house related to his motivations within the objectives and priorities of the project. 
Target group
There are no special abilities or skills expected from the volunteer, but he has to be open, with the will of meeting a lot of different people. His motivation and his centre of interest should be the apprenticeship of technical work, a different language, an other way to express himself (creative work) and in general, to develop a sensibility towards a different social and natural environment.
Special needs (if applicable)
Like all the projects of Solidarités Jeunesses, " La Maison de Bateleurs " hosts young people with less opportunities. There is all necessary equipement to host disabled people.
We established a certain pedagogy for the hosting of people with less opportunities. Nevertheless every young people has his own needs and will have a special follow up. Valeria Baccigalupi is the mentor in charge of people with less opportunities in the house. She has a great experience of more than 5 years working with EVS short term volunteers and french young people with less opportunities who live in the house for short and long periods. The rest of the team is also trained and used to work with young people with less opportunities.
La maison de Bateleur is open for all kind of people. In order to host the volunteer successfully we need a description of his needs to be able to see if our structure fits with his needs and expectations.
The EVS Short term will be integrated in the permanent group. 
The social work of la Maison des Bateleurs is recognised by the french social institutions to host young people with less opportunities. 
The association has:
" the infrastructure for this kind of hosting
" a trained team of employees 
" a pedagogy and aims due to special following
" an additional mentoring programme which is necessary for the EVS short term which includes a preparation made by a partner sending organisation, a good coordination with the national secretary of Solidarités Jeunesses and a good mentorship during the volunteering. The follow up will be prepared between the hosting organisation and the sending organisation.
The tutor of " La maison des Bateleurs " will organise the " process of integration " for the arrival of the volunteer, which helps the volunteer to understand the activities of the organisation, his rôle in the project and to know the responsabilities and tasks of each employee.
The tutor of " La maison des Bateleurs " will organise with the volunteer a program of realistic activities. These activities will help the volunteer to feel confortable and useful in the general activities of the house and the organisation. 
The mentor will have as often as possible meetings with the volunteer, at least once per week. These meetings are organised to know the feelings and the needs of the volunteer, to establish an exchange, and a trustful relation between them. The evaluation are also necessary to talk about the aims, the hopes and the fears of the volunteers and the progresses made during volunteering experience. 
The mentor is always disponible for volunteer and in particular for those with less opportunities, and when he is not available, there is always another tutor responsible in case of any problem.
As the communication is very important the tutor creates a good communication atmosphere (with the rest of the permanent group). If possible the volunteer should be able to talk in his mother tongue and the team of la Maison des Bateleurs talks more than 6 languages which helps for a good comprehension.
Motivation and EVS experience
Solidarités Jeunesses, French branch of Youth Action for Peace, has been working with the Youth Program and EVS for more than 10 years. We truly believe that EVS, and in particular EVS short term, can help young people with less opportunities to have a first experience of volunteering in a foreign country. 
Experience shows than going abroad in a country with a different culture, language and context is really difficult for many young people, as well as the notion of "volunteering" that is firstly understood as working "for free" . EVS short term is a good tool to work on the fears and breaks for international mobility and learning a new language. Many of the young people, Solidarités Jeunesses has been working with as sending organisation or hosting organisation, asked us to get involved in a longer volunteering experience in order to deep their experience. 
In our organisation, the short term volunteers can participate to many tasks as renovation and environmental work, handicraft and art workshops, social life within the house and they can also participate to workcamps and projects which are organised around the hosting centre. The workcamp is a really good tool for the young people facing disadvantages because they feel more confortable, for a first try, to get involved in a group of international people. The short term volunteers are not the only volunteers facing problems of language or intercultural difficulties for exemple, and do not feel excluded at all within the group.
Finally, EVS short term is almost the only tool in many European countries that give a chance to young people generally excluded from mobility and European programs, to get involved in a project where they will feel included, usefull and be proud of their work, maybe for the first time of their lifes.
Description of the organisation
The association Solidarités Jeunesses Poitou-Charentes is part of the movement Solidarités Jeunesses. It follows the same values that the national movement. Beside the aims of peace that are expressed by our international and national movement there is a strong will to be an active part of local development.
To reach its aims, the association has the following tools :
- The organisation of international workcamps (short and long term), organising projects of general interest in or around the hosting centre.
- The organisations hosts different groups, (schools, social centres, but also free leisure time groups,...) .
- The organisation of training, seminars and different activities which support the learning process of participants.
- We send volunteers abroad, to international workcamps, short and long time voluntary service, to training and seminars. 
- The support of projects from local associations. 
- The participation and organisation of activities about social, economical and professional inclusion.
- To Organise activities for young people with less opportunities
The hosting centre " La Maison des Bateleurs " was created in Montendre in 1996. It hosts young people between 16 and 25, with different backgrounds. They can also be french people or people from abroad with less opportunities, who want to share a moment of their lives participating in training and learning technical skills and a foreign language, taking responsibilities at different levels in the group of volunteers and during the activities, participating in creative activities etc.....
The organisation of "daily life" is also part of the activities in the project as the creative activities are (for example washing the dishes, cleaning etc..). Everybody in the house has the same tasks and has to participate in the collective life.
La Maison des Bateleurs hosts international volunteers, EVS and EVS short term since the beginning of the program. The volunteers participate to all the projects described above. They can also propose their personal project and the staff of SJPC will do its maximum in order to help them to make it concrete.
The volunteers also participate to international workcamps as participants or leaders if they have the will to do it. Those who participate in the projects of SJPC do it as a voluntary service in order to experience their citizenship, to take part in non formal education, to get social, personal and intercultural skills. With this experience, the volunteers prepare their future and contribute to the community. 
Our activities aim is to offer an intercultural experience as well as to gain several competence which can be useful for social or professional integration. The volunteers contribute with their own cultural background, their labour, their energy and their spirit.